I am currently a Product Designer at GoInvo, a Boston based medical software design agency.

I've had the privilege of designing software for consumer digital health, capturing structured health data during clinical encounters, driving adoption of health data standards in the US, and building a national repository for clinical decision support.

My healthcare visualizations can be found at Sidewalk Labs, SXSW, Cell, Iora Health, IHI, Human Services Research Institute, Dell Medical School Design Institute for Health, and dozens of other hospitals and research organizations.


User & market research | Journey mapping | Sketching | Visual & UI design | Information & data visualization | Interaction design | Animation | Wireframing | Prototyping | User testing | Client management


Photoshop | Illustrator | Indesign | Sketch | Adobe XD | Figma | Zeplin | After Effects | Framer | Framer | Proto.io


HTML5 | CSS3 | SCSS | Javascript

I also draw and paint.

And go on 8 month solo backpacking trips around the world.

And play piano and guitar, sometimes in bands.

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Design philosophy

Good design is never practiced alone

Design is a shared effort that requires stakeholders and users to be involved early and often. For example, a collaborative brainstorming experience where stakeholders mark up large printed designs allows for each member to take personal ownership in the design.

Designers should understand code

Design should understand development, and development should understand design. Empathizing with the technical constraints inherent to any project allows for improved communication throughout (attribution for the open source icons for this website can be viewed here).

Great and lasting ideas are incubated when design and deep domain knowledge are intertwined

Designers should leverage their biomedical and research background to communicate directly with researchers and providers in order to create clinically accurate designs.

Think about design from a systems standpoint

Healthcare is complex. Products created within it require the consideration of clinical workflows, the health system in which they live, and future outcomes.

Edwin Choi, Careplans illustration, 2016

Bring healthcare to people, not people to healthcare

Navigating the healthcare system and its services shouldn't be our job. Driven by a learning health system, these services should work for us in the background, appearing only when necessary, and always guiding us towards quality of life based on our needs and values.

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